Hope For Nadia

Hope For Nadia

This young lady is ambitious, intelligent, motivated and full of heart. Nadia lives life to the fullest, active in sports, orchestra, community service and school spirit as you’ll see in this video [One Thing to Look Forward To]. What most people don’t know about Nadia is that she can’t stand up straight, and that behind her ready smile is constant pain. Nadia has severe idiopathic scoliosis.

Scoliosis is an unnatural sideways curvature of the spine and like it did with Nadia, it happens during an adolescent growth spurt. The cause is still unknown and there is no cure (yet). Severe scoliosis gets worse over time and often becomes disabling because the spine curves in an ‘S’ or sometimes a ‘C’ AND twists like a corkscrew, deforming the rib cage, which then compresses the lungs and other major organs in the chest cavity. The deformed vertebrae also pinch the nerves extending out from the spinal cord, disrupting communication between the brain and body which causes even more issues.




ByDarien has met the family, was moved by Nadia’s story and wants to help! So we worked with Nadia to develop a special scent which we’ve lovingly named HOPE, and infused it into our 100% natural non toxic hand and body lotion. Nadia wanted a fragrance that was youthful yet timeless, fresh with a little warmth. The fragrance we developed has a lightly sweet, smooth, cashmere scent with hints of blackberry and vanilla. Watch Nadia’s reaction to the winning scent


By purchasing HOPE you’re not only pampering yourself, you are helping Nadia et the surgery she needs

There are many ways to help Nadia

We asked Nadia’s mom, Moriah, if there are other ways people can help Nadia. Here’s what she said:


“There are many ways to help Nadia get the surgery she needs:


  • You can make a donation at www.evenwings.org (100% goes to Nadia’s medical expenses).
  • You can talk to Moriah about your company sponsoring Nadia to cover some of the medical costs.
  • You can talk to your network and/or church about supporting this campaign in any of the ways listed here.
  • You can offer advice on fundraising, launching a 501(c)3, and/or gaining sponsors for Nadia’s surgery.
  • You can connect Moriah with anyone you know who could help in any of these areas.
  • You can get this story in the news, on blogs or extend awareness in any honorable way.
  • You can pray for Nadia – for God to make a way!



Email info@evenwings.org if you can help. Thank you!”

Spinal fusion surgery is the standard method to correct severe idiopathic scoliosis but it’s an awful compromise. The length of the patient’s back is cut and muscles are cut away from the spine. Metal rods are screwed to the spine to straighten it and the affected vertebrae are fused together with bone grafts to further stabilize it. Recovery is pain can take several months to a year. After spinal fusion with rods, flexibility is lost and movement is limited because the spine doesn’t bend at all.

There is a less invasive surgery option that will straighten Nadia’s spine without rods and fusion but the out of pocket expense is more than her family can afford. It’s also TIME SENSITIVE because Nadia’s curve is getting worse which, if left untreated, will progress past the point where this less dangerous surgery is an option